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The Late Hector Kipling (352 pages) is a novel written by English actor David Thewlis. The book was released in the UK in hardback on September 7, 2007 and released on paperback July 4, 2008. In the US the book was released (hardback version) November 6, 2007.

Plot | Hector Kipling is an artist. He has his health, loving parents, a beautiful girlfriend, good mates, and talent in abundance (or at least, more abundance than most, and certainly more than his friend Kirk, if not quite as much as their other friend, Lenny – although, actually, Hector would argue that while Lenny’s received more recognition for his art, most of that recognition is misplaced). What more could he ask for (besides the same level of recognition that Lenny gets, that is)? But once Hector’s life starts to unravel, it doesn’t take long at all for it to fall completely and irreparably apart. In fact, as Hector discovers, it’s amazing just how quickly a life can disintegrate. From settees to stalkers, con-men to corpses, S&M to the Tate Modern.

Review (from Publisher’s Weekly) | This laugh-out-loud, darkly intelligent debut suggests that Thewlis might meet with considerable success should he decide to quit acting and take up the pen full-time. London artist Hector Kipling paints huge canvases dominated by a single head. He’s doing well, but he’s not nearly as famous as his best friend, conceptualist Lenny Snook. Eaten up by jealousy, Hector believes that Lenny has made his fortune with stolen ideas. As Hector struggles to cope with an absent girlfriend, his parents’ insane expenditures and a vandal attacking his most valuable painting, things begin to go very wrong indeed. Readers who have mourned the end of Sue Townsend’s wonderful, long-running Adrian Mole series will find solace of a sort here, as will anyone who enjoys a thought-provoking skewering of modern art by a knowledgeable writer and an inescapably doomed but appealing hero.

Promotion | In 2007, Mr. Thewlis participated in two readings and book signings to promote his book. The first reading was held at Waterstones in Piccadilly Circus, London, England (September) followed by a Q&A session. The second reading took place at the ‘Harbourfront Centre’ in Toronto, Canada (November) at the “International Festival of Authors”.


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