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Our Site staff, and fellow visitors and members of our network, have had several opportunities to meet and speak to David Thewlis in-person. Our participation at various events to promote his amazing career have been very rewarding to each of us. Today, we continue to travel Internationally to show our support and keep fans up-to-date on events based on first-hand presence. Below are individual entries and re-caps of our events, if possible, we always politely ask David if we could have a photograph for our Site to share our moments and experiences with his fans.

It’s been an honor and blessing to have these incredible moments with David, we are forever grateful and appreciate for his time and willingness to make the dreams of his fans a reality.

· “Pushing Daisies” Premiere (2007)

· The International Festival of Authors (2007)

· Heartland Film Festival (2008)

· Reel Talk with Stephen Farber (2008)

· The New York International Children’s Film Festival (2008)

· London (2009)

· London (2010)

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