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07-30 SEPTEMBER 2009

For three weeks in September of 2009, I settled in London to support Anna Friel’s latest project, the first on-stage production of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. My goal was to consistently assist promoting the production on-location and attend both the first performance (9/9/09) and the opening Gala night (9/29/09). I watched the production several times during my trip, travelled, and assisted with updates on Anna’s Official Website. I had multiple opportunities to meet with Anna after her performances, along with her cast mates, her Webmaster (and one of our fellow staff members, Dave), as well as active members of her discussion board.

Due to my voluntary advertising involvement with the production, I was invited to the Gala Night after party and I attended the occasion with Anna’s family, including David. It is my personal decision not to disclose, expose, or reveal any details surrounding the Gala Night after party, the conversations I had with Anna’s family, or any other topics regarding that night. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Friel Family, and I refuse to cross the boundaries of privacy. The family gave me their trust, and I will honor that promise. Please do not send me emails or comments asking for further details of the after party, they will remain unopened and disposed of.

I’ve written very brief reports on my trip that I’ve re-posted on our discussion board (also contains photographs). One of our forum members, Victoria (username: Moonshape) posted a day-by-day report of her account of the journey, and a blog entry about her personal encounters with David on the Gala Night. The press who attended that evening as well took a video of our Site members with David outside the Haymarket Theatre. You can view all of our trip photos in the Gallery, previews below.

Thank you again to both Anna and David for spending time with us, taking photos, and signing autographs, we appreciated it tremendously! The entire trip itself was a life changing experience for all of us, and we’ll never forget any of it.

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