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This was a project we set up for both David and his fans to enjoy. “Dedicated to David” is a tribute DVD with brief footage from nearly all of David’s film and television performances, an archived collection of his on-screen career.

Staff planned to ship out and distribute this project Internationally to eager fans. However, due to our adjustments in the Site budget, we will no longer be producing and shipping out individual regional DVDs. Instead, fans will be able to watch and access the fan project online using the Film Database.

We were very excited to have had the opportunity of presenting this project to David personally on September 29, 2009 at the Haymarket Hotel in London. David was excited to receive the gift, when we spoke to him months later he notified us that he had watched the DVD in part, admitting he is still a bit hesitant to watch his own performances, but nonetheless he enjoyed the project.

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