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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of information about Mr. Thewlis’s career can I find on this network?

A: Our extensive database of articles, communities, information, photos, videos, and archives of David’s current/past/upcoming projects are frequently updated to keep his fans informed about his career. Although we offer a variety of information about David, there is content you will not find here; we refuse to post rumors about Mr. Thewlis, we do not give out his personal information, and paparazzi photos of David’s daughter, Gracie, are forbidden and not encouraged to be posted anywhere on the site.

Q: Does David visit this website?

A: He certainly does! David has confirmed to us multiple times in-person that he visits our website periodically.

Q: Has David joined the discussion board?

A: David has not joined our board, but he has informed us that he occasionally browses through the topics.

Q: Where did the name ‘Thewlis Rox’ originate from?

A: David was a guitarist and singer in a punk rock band his pre-acting years, hence the reason this website is entitled, Thewlis Rocks. I purposely altered the spelling of ‘rocks’ to ‘rox’ to be odd. I would spell it correctly, but that would be boring! In 2008, David shared with us that in his hometown (Blackpool, England) there is a place called ‘Blackpool Rox’ – a coincidence to the title of this website!

Q: Why was ‘Thewlis Rox’ re-named ‘The David Thewlis Network’?

A: Due to our constant improvements on the management and overall professionalism of the Site, we wanted to change the title to demonstrate our eligibility to receive press passes and other forms of media-related permissions in the future. Applying under our new name has granted us more responses and reception from media outlets as we hoped. However, among a majority of us, we still enjoy hailing under the ‘Thewlis Rox’ title, which has not expired, but has become our trademark nickname.

Q: Where did you obtain all of the screen captures in the gallery?

A: Occasionally we receive the images from forum members or website visitors (full credit is always given to contributors). Staff members usually take responsibility to obtain screen captures for the site.

Q: Which Internet browser do you prefer for viewing ‘The David Thewlis Network’?

A: This website is compatible with all web-browsers and our layouts have been tested before installation to insure that all site visitors using a variety of browsers can access the site and avoid loading or viewing difficulties. However, the site graphics reach their full potential for visitors that use a Macintosh and browse with ‘Safari’.

Q: If I join the forum, how long will my membership request take to process?

A: 24 hours or less. If you did not receive a confirmation email by then, contact a staff member to inform us of your situation, or re-register to the board.

FYI: Have questions pertaining to the content hosted on our Network? You are welcome to email and we will respond promptly.

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