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Thank you to David Thewlis for being my inspiration to create this website. David and Anna Friel had influenced one of the biggest decisions of my life, my career choice as a Graphic Designer. I presently attend a private University in Los Angeles, California to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Design and Fine Arts.

Additionally, I am grateful to both David and Anna for the brief moment they spent with me in 2007 at the Pushing Daisies premiere in Hollywood. It was a life changing night for myself and I am forever appreciative to them for being so kind. David, it was an honor spending time with you at the Miramax reception in Indianapolis (2008), a cherished moment each of us who attended will never forget.

I appreciate the contribution of my fellow staff members, Dave and Tannim. Operating a website takes a lot of dedication, effort, and time. They help out tremendously, I am very grateful to have them on board.

Thank you to everyone who has decided to join the forum and our several communities. Additionally, it has been a wonderful experience having the opportunity to meet several of David’s amazing fans.

Of course, my biggest thanks is to you for visiting! We’ve been operating for years due to the continuous support from David Thewlis fans across the Globe. I hope our network has provided everything you need and I ensure all of David’s admirers that my staff and I will continue to produce the best resource on the Web for everything relating to David Thewlis.

Thank You.

- Amanda (Administrator)

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